Wish Upon A Dish: Chicken Enchiladas aka Rick Bayless

March 8, 2010

Chicken Enchiladas aka Rick Bayless

I knew of Rick Bayless years ago. Over the years his products have graced my pantry but I never tried one of his recipes.

I watch him on PBS all the time, but for some reason when I saw him prepare this version of Chicken Enchiladas (Enchiladas Especilaes Tacuba Style) I just had to put them on the menu for this month. Hubby had been bugging me about making them anyways, so on they went.

OMG....these have got to be the BEST nontraditional enchiladas I have ever eaten. I will never make the "open a can of Enchilada Sauce" enchiladas again....NEVER!!!

Not only are they healthy, they were extremely tasty and easy to make.

I forgot to take a pic of them but I found a pic on SeriousEats.com of the exact enchiladas. You can see how beautiful they turn out.

I will probably get a whipping for remaking them into a healthier, diabetes friendly version, but if the remake gets you to make these than it is worth the flogging. They are that good. Even the original version wasn't unhealthy but I am skimming where I can so I don't deprive myself of anything I want to eat (mostly a litte sweet after dinner).

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