Wish Upon A Dish: Bad BBQ and Macaroni Grill

September 4, 2010

Bad BBQ and Macaroni Grill

You know how it feels when you are hoping that something might actually be good but turns out to be a big disappointment.

That was Friday nights dinner.

We have been trying to find a reason to try this new "Authentic BBQ" take-out joint and last night was it.

The Nudge went golfing, I didn't have the ham for the grilled cheese sandwiches on the menu........so

Yep, we bought 2 samplers and a half chicken and since everything came with 2 sides, beans, beans, mac n cheese, corn, cornbread and potato salad.

Threw out all the pulled pork (was way too salty), the ribs were tough (they were baby-backs) and the best of the bad was the brisket & I think we got, maybe, 3 slices?? That's bull.

Yesterday the old man was sore from golfing, slept till 10:30, didn't get to the diner until 11:45 so the chores which were many, didn't get finished until 4PM.

Came home, unpacked the groceries and headed for the Macaroni Grill. Was too hot to cook anything, we didn't put the AC on before we left for the day but did put it on when we went to dinner.

I just love that restaurant. We are regulars and get treated well. We sit at the bar which always has 2 seats for us. I guess we were there for 3 hours. Was a nice break for me, since I will be cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner for 3 days running.

This morning I made tallegio cheese, ham and egg grilled cheese sandwiches with apple butter. Boy, they were good. Tonight is a Seafood Stew on the grill.
I hope to remember to take a pic for you. We usually go white wine sauce but I read about a light tomato one and I want to try it. Not the usual heavy sauced one you tend to get in an Italian-American Restaurant but an authentic Pulianese version.

You heat olive oil in a paella pan, add lots of garlic and hot pepper flakes. Throw in the seafood and immediately close the lid. In the meantime, get a good (preferably homemade) marinara sauce ready and 1/2 pound of cooked angel hair pasta, 1 bottle of clam broth and parsley.

When the clams, mussels & shrimp are cooked remove them and add the sauce and clam broth to the liquid in the pan. When it simmers, add the pasta and toss. Plate pasta and seafood in each pan and sprinkle parsley on top....and dinner is served.

Some good bread to mop up the sauce and a good bottle of chilled Italian white wine.

Unfortunately it was too windy to eat outside so we set up shop in the kitchen. Was still a good night.

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