Wish Upon A Dish: Brand New Alphabetized Glycemic Index PDF

September 23, 2010

Brand New Alphabetized Glycemic Index PDF

Took me all of yesterday afternoon and then 1 hour this morning to complete an alphabetized Glycemic Index list of foods in PDF format.

Click here for Alphabetized GI Downloadable PDF.

I will also post the link in the GI-GL tab at the top of this bog.

I had one finished last night but the columns did not line up so I redid it this morning. I have to say it is beautiful. I would like to find pre-made boxed foods and fast-foods and restaurant foods if I can and if I do I will ad them and update the list.

I know that, unlike us (who haven't set foot in a Micky D's, Burger King, Wendy's in over 10 years), most people eat in a fast food joint at least once a week.

I have nothing against and nothing to say to those people.

I'm sure they know what you are doing by ordering the best choices when in there and feeling it is better than no meal at all......
Yes, you are right.


Most people eat super-sized fried foods and the sodium alone would give me a heart attack.

Those if us with Diabetes, will look at a fast food menu and shake our heads. I suppose the salads are the best choices but as we learn from Oprah and Dr. Oz.....it is deceiving and confusing.

You could go out and buy all those Eat This, Not That books and make the author rich or we could just look up the information on line. I believe it is now a law that restaurants of any chain have to list the nutritionals for each item.

I have found a nutrition list for top fast-food joints and the foods they sell. Click on the tab at the top of this blog and then the link to access Fast Food Facts.

You can chose by restaurant, food category or specific item name. It's a great tool to have access too. Be prepared to be shocked at the reality of what you thought was a better fast food choice.

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