Wish Upon A Dish: I thought I was going crazy....

September 2, 2010

I thought I was going crazy....

...I could not find the sliced baked ham from whole foods. I wanted that for a Grilled Taleggio and Ham Panini for dinner tonight.

Ever have those moments?

Not, those........these -

You open the fridge (or a pantry) and you go for an ingredient and you can not find it so you close the door, walk away, walk back & open it again?

So, 6x later....

Now you are flippin' out. You know you ordered it, you waited for the girl to slice it, you have already eaten the item you ordered after it so, you know it was packaged and weighed...

You check the freezer, thinking maybe The Nudge thought you wanted it in there....


Now you think it fell out of the bag into the trunk of your car and The Nudge is gone golfing & you wouldn't dare bother him in front of his collegues (they would laugh at you and him).

So you open the fridge, and proceed to take everything from one shelf, move it to another and repeat the process until there is no where else to go.


You get pissed off, you get indignant, you almost start to tear up.....

You are so pissed that it didn't even dawn on you that maybe, you never took it off the top of the appetizer counter because you were more interested in the price of 3 Arancinis.

Take a step back, take a deep breath and take the friggin' receipt out of your pocketbook and look.........

OMG, it's not on there....I never bought it.

Now reality sets in. How absent minded am I really? Why do I doubt myself? I did not remember putting it away (but then The Nudge has been known to put things not back in their rightful spot).

I hate when I start my day that way. The only GOOD thing about it is I threw away a ton of old stuff that needed to go and I have room in my fridge for more stuff.


Now I need to find something for dinner. Do I feel like baking a DAK?

You know, those 1 pound adorable canned hams that require no refrigeration & always is in my pantry. I already took the bread dough out of the freezer to defrost.

I just finished my monthly menu, now I have to find something for dinner, DAMN ME.

I have to make something, golf did not include dinner, so The Nudge will be hungry when he gets home. Maybe tonight is the good night to order from the local BBQ take-out stand. The Nudge has to pass it on the way home. Maybe when he calls me I will suggest it.

We are taking a 4 day weekend so might not be a post in the next 4 days.


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