Wish Upon A Dish: Please Remember that November is American Diabetes Month

November 17, 2010

Please Remember that November is American Diabetes Month

With all the recent activities going on around here (the Giveaway, the Daring Cooks November Challenge, my Dentistry, Thanksgiving preparations), I made two pledges and I admit am a BAD girl.

I have been eating beans this week but I have not been blogging about Diabetes everyday (I pledged to the American Diabetes Association to do just that).

Today The Nudge forwarded 3 PDF's to me that were forwarded to him from his company's Director of Human Resources about Diabetes. He thought my readers would like to read them. I agree.

If you already have been diagnosed with Type 1 or 2 Diabetes, you have probably covered all the information that is, indeed, in these 3 flyers.

One flyer is geared for people who might be worried about actually having diabetes and not knowing if they really do (like I was 8 months ago).....
This flyer is for them.

This flyer is information on stopping Diabetes before it leads to loss of toes or kidneys.

This flyer is about maximizing and maintaining control over Diabetes.

Either one would be a good read and if you want (I think it might be a good thing) you could print them out and post them on the company's post board (you, know, where employees can post pictures, announcements or company policies). I would, of course, get permission to post them, but they are worth sharing with your friends and co-workers. Maybe your Human Resources Director can Email them to all the employees.

My sister-in-law has diabetes and for years I knew she had it, but never in my mind did I think I was "that close" to joining her. She went from pills to insulin shots in 1 year. I refuse to shoot anything into my body if I can control it with food and exercise. I had none of the symptoms and my blood tests showed nothing until the last one I took. My Doctor called the lab and ordered the AC1 test and I was at 115.

120 is Diabetes. What I did and what I have accomplished is in the archives on this blog. I didn't even know what a blog was BD (Before Diabetes). I am now empowered with the knowledge of food, nutrition and how it effects your body, to finally get a hold on my overall health.

Now it was time to put my money where my mouth is.

I have started to loose weight (slowly but consistently), I feel better, I have no digestion issues, I haven't had to 'down a TUM' in months and my sugar is being controlled.

Yes, I still have bad habits I can't shake......like not eating breakfast when I get up, not snacking when I know my sugar is low and, my most worse habit.....NOT EXERCISING.

If you have gotten 'HERE' than I have to thank you for reading this post.
If I help one person on the road to better health because of this post and blog, then I feel I have done something constructive with my life.

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