Wish Upon A Dish: Turkey Leftovers - Pie Anyone?

November 28, 2010

Turkey Leftovers - Pie Anyone?

I hope everyone's Thanksgiving was as relaxing as mine was. I will be driving back and forth to the hospital until my Dad (who by the way, came out of surgery with bells on his heels) comes up near me for 2 weeks of rehab. Since the hospital is 2 hours from me and his house is only 30 minutes, I will be camping there for 3 days at a clip. Thanksgiving was 1 day home and today is another.

I feel like a vagabond. I never know what day it is or what I should be doing. Luckily The Nudge is home so I can call and he can do if I forget.

I do have to call the Dentist Office to get an appointment for my teeth. I found a place in the same town as my dentist for my dad's rehab so I can do both in one day if need be.

I have learned alot about heart surgery and how Diabetes effects your blood and healing, but that is another post.

On to the food.............

I do not do turkeys for 3 reasons:

1. There are only two of us.
2. We are not big turkey fans (a well roasted chicken has much more flavor).
3. The Nudge will NOT do left-overs for more then 2x.

I made a turkey breast for my Dad, but after we got done eating, there was still a half a breast left-over. It will sit in that freezer until he comes home, probably 3 weeks from now.

My sister-in-law gave us just enough left-overs for 1 dish, which was good because I really did not feel like cooking a whole meal on the one day I am home before hoofing it back down to the hospital for 3 days.

I am making a turkey pot pie. I bought puff pastry and I have limas in the fridge and carrots from T-day. I am frying the stuffing in a non-stick pan until it gets GB&D. That will be the 'bottom crust' and adding a can of navy beans to round out the nutritionals.

I will use a small amount of the mashed potatoes (a better choice over the flour normally used) to thicken the sauce and chop up the sliced turkey meat. You could also used mashed sweet potatoes for thickening, but the sauce will take on an orange hue (which the kids will probably think was cool anyways).

I am making 2 small casserole dishes for dinner and 2 (1 cup) ramekins for his lunch tomorrow and my dinner at my dad's house (where I am staying because it is near the hospital).

I did buy a Stouffer's Stuffed Pepper but that is in case I do not eat at the cafeteria and get home at a decent time to cook something.

Do not yell at me, I think out of all the Stouffers, that was the best pick. I do not think there is anything in there not on our list of DO NOT's.

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