Wish Upon A Dish: Bonefish Grill Review

December 31, 2010

Bonefish Grill Review

Very nice place, not over done. My first time.

What a wonderful dinner. A nice way to end the year. Christmas was not a family dinner this year, so if we wanted to see my in-laws, we had to meet at a place halfway between.

I started out having, not 1, but 2 Fresh Apple Martini's. They went down smooooooooth. The Nudge had the usual Grey Goose Martini, Up, with a twist.
Soon as my BIL, SIL and niece arrived we ordered starters. Everyone was pretty hungry, which helped because the food never stopped all night.

We started out sharing  appetizers. I have the pics of the ones we gobbled up.

The dumplings were tasty and provided the crunch of the 3.
The calamari was tender and provided the heat of the 3.
The mussels were OUT OF THIS WORLD and I wish I had the recipe. I couldn't stop dipping the bread in the sauce, it was that good. I just did not want to fill up and not enjoy my main dish which was the Spinach Bacon Gorgonzola Norwegian Salmon served with their butter wine sauce.

I was the best salmon I ever had in a restaurant. I can never get good salmon around here. I was not disappointed.

The Nudge had the Mahi Mahi Lobster Thermador. He has had that before.
Guess he liked it.

Our niece had the American Kobe Burger and said it was the juiciest, beefiest burger she ever had. Another score.

For dessert I ordered the Key Lime Pie, The Nudge ordered a regular Creme Brulee and his niece is a chocoholic so she ordered the Chocolate Creme brulee. My pie was wonderfully tart (I never see Key Lime Pie on any menus around here), the creme brulees were basically a standard good brulee recipe, nothing wow there.

An Irish Coffee, a Baileys Coffee, an espresso and Sambuca and then bye bye, goodnight.

All in all I give this dinner a 4.5 out of 5.
Minus points for NO oysters and the scallops were blah.

I would go again and again if the distance was closer. Tough drive to make if you want to imbibe.

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