Wish Upon A Dish: Beef Quesadillas with Rice and Beans - Morph #2

January 11, 2011

Beef Quesadillas with Rice and Beans - Morph #2

Leftover Pot Roast takes another turn into quesadillas.

I love quesadillas and they love leftovers. You could put anything between 2 tortillas, plenty of melted cheese, some really good salsa, sour cream, maybe some Spanish rice and refried beans and you have a meal every kid would cry for (let alone an adult).

I know I make them at least once a month, but who could blame me.

Although I have stuffed them with plenty of chicken and pork, I have never had a beef quesadilla. I mean NEVER.'
So I was happy to try out this recipe. I made a batch of BBQ beans using lentils and I had the Spanish Rice from last night.

It made a really nice platter, at least I think so.

Beef Quesadillas
* leftover pot roast meat, shredded or chopped fine
* 1 can chopped green peppers (Old El Paso or ChiChi's)
* 1/2 small onion sliced thin
* 1 jarred red pepper, chopped
* a mix of Jack or Cheddar or Muenster, what ever you have
* Salsa
* Sour Cream
* Rice
* Refried beans
* Pickled jalapenos (optional)
* 2 whole wheat tortillas per person + 1 for a lunch

Saute onions, red & green peppers and beef in olive oil.
Heat large non-stick pan. Place a tortilla in a dry pan and spread mixture of meat on the bottom and top with the cheese.
Place second tortilla on top and cook until bottom browns, about 3 minutes.
Flip and repeat with all the servings.
Using a pizza cutter, slice each quesadadilla into 6 slices, place on a cutting board with bowls of rice and beans and condiments.


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