Wish Upon A Dish: Finally the end of Top 10 Faves - 9th & 10th

January 7, 2011

Finally the end of Top 10 Faves - 9th & 10th

Each night this last week, me and The Nudge sit in the living room and while he is watching TV, I am behind him at my desk at the computer, checking Emails, checking blogs, and updating the meal we just ate.

We also have been discussing our Top 10 list.

A very lively discussion at best. Sometimes I think the man just does not get it.
I guess that is why I adore him, he is no competition for me....lol

He is a very witty person, can pop a funny phrase at the wink of an eye before you know what has hit you and you have to laugh. I know that is why I was attracted to him so many years ago....he makes me laugh.

When we got down to the end of the favorites list he spouted out 5 recipes he constantly asks for, 3 of them being an onion soup of some kind.

"Dear, you can't put 'onion soup' as a favorite when I make 3 different ones you like."

"Yes, you can, you put up polenta."

"Well, I did, but it was one recipe just cooked different ways, that's being versatile".

"Isn't that what an onion is in soups?"

"Not really, because in the 7 onion soup there are 7 onions".

"But they are all the same ingredient just cooked in different ways".

"NO, they are not, they are 7 different onions, cooked the same way".

"Yea, exactly, all onions all the way".

And that is how No.9 got picked.

No.9 - French Onion Soup has to be on every restaurant menu, and it is there for a reason.
Slow cooked caramelized onions in a rich beef stock with a touch of sherry or cognac is something no one can resist. Add a crouton on top to support gads of melted cheese and it's almost a meal in itself.
Actually around here it is a meal.
I make a large soup crock full for each of us.
it is a sin to make it only in the cooler months but The Nudge is not a soup lover like I am and will only eat it then.
Me, I could eat it every day, hot or cold weather.

Seven Onion Soup - No.9
This is a creamy onion soup with yes, no less than 7 different onions.
I think The Nudge just likes telling peeps he is eating it so they can try to guess the 7 onions.
Always about the game. He loves to play with people......excuse me?

Hence the name The Nudge DUH.....lol

Now for No.10.
This was a hard one. Knowing you had no more pics it really had to be a top 10, not just a fave.

After much battering back and forth we finally settled on......

My Cheesecakes

Any flavor, any size.

I am the cheesecake queen.

Low-fat, sugar-free.
With berries and stone fruits, swirls and chunks or liquors and candies, I have made them all.

I have 3 on my 'To Do List' and I will tackle them this year (Pina Colada, Mandarin Orange and Banana Cream).

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