Wish Upon A Dish: My mouse is dying....

January 8, 2011

My mouse is dying....

Used to be when your mouse got sluggish, you unscrewed the top and with a Q-tip you cleaned the inside.
Not any more.

My mouse needs repeated clicking just to pop a link, never mind a pic.
I think it is reading my screen and rebelling at my choice of sites.

I like my mouse, I bought it because my hands are small & I need one that fits well.
I do not want an ergonomic contraption that looks like it will take off the minute The Nudge uses the TV remote.

One more stop on the endless train to choredom.

It snowed here yesterday and that makes pulling into a parking lot a dance with death.

Wish me luck that I get even half my list checked.

And to think yesterday I was all excited about starting my new menu format (which if you want, can read about it here), now I just want to crawl back into bed and read 2 months worth of past food magazines I have not picked up since Thanksgiving.

I will tell you now, because I have been making them this week to share with you next week, I did a very creative job of picking really good recipes.

I know that because The Nudge not only ate seconds, he requested leftovers for lunch.

I did notice that there might be a small flaw in my design.
Last week when it snowed I could not get to do the shopping until Monday (instead of Saturday) and I started my menu week, I was one full day behind.

I cooked the Sunday meal on Monday. Towards the end of the week I tried to double up but still ended up not being able to cook one meal.

Thinking about it, I realized that if this could happen to a 2 person family, I imagine that with 2 working parents and kids, this will more likely happen a few times a month.

I know I said to skip over that recipe and file it away somewhere but if those cooked ingredients are crucial to another recipe you can't just SKIP over them.

So what I will do from this point forward is to make Saturday a 'Stand Alone" recipe and one that can be skipped.

If you get a day where it is impossible to cook a recipe just continue on the next day and it will even up at the end of the week.

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