Wish Upon A Dish: My history with Salmon

February 4, 2011

My history with Salmon

I absolutely adore salmon. Problem is I can only get a good piece of cooked salmon in the amount of restaurants I can count on my nose.

The statistics say that besides tilapia, salmon is one of the most bought fish.

So, if so many people are buying salmon why can't restaurants serve a decent fillet?

My belief is that people do not know what a well cooked salmon looks like or for that matter, tastes like.

If, as the waiter is bringing my salmon to my tables, and I can smell it before it gets there, the salmon is almost always going to be overcooked, over expiration and over-priced.

For many years The Nudge would not eat salmon for that reason. He had bad salmon. My only way to eat salmon was to make it when he traveled or grill him a beef steak and grill me a salmon steak.

Last year I created this marinade and grill sauce for a salmon steak I was making and surprisingly The Nudge said he would give it another go.

He loves it. I bought a huge King Salmon Steak and made mignons out of them (technique here), marinaded them and grilled them. Success!!!

Now that I have him eating salmon I can make salmon burgers too. Most recipes call for canned salmon for burgers, but I do not like canned salmon. Maybe for a mousse or dip but not for a burger.

I have made this recipe before with good results. This time I am serving it on whole wheat rolls and a special sauce. I have some pickled zucchini to serve on the side.

Salmon Burgers
makes 4
* 1/2 pound salmon fillet
* 1/2 cup crabmeat (optional)
* 1 cup fiber cereal, processed
* 1/2 tsp red curry paste
* 1 tablespoon lime juice
* 1 tablespoon Thai-Style chili sauce
* freshly ground pepper
* 1 roasted red pepper, chopped
* 1 egg, beaten
* 1 tsp ginger
* 1 tsp soy sauce

Shape 4 burgers and refrigerate until ready to use, at least 1 hour.
Saute in non-stick frying pan with 1 tsp canola oil.

Special Sauce
* 1/4 cup lite mayonnaise
* 1/2 tsp ginger
* 1/4 tsp sesame oil
* 1/2 tsp soy sauce
* a few dashes of sriracha sauce or wasabi powder

Mix in small bowl and rest.

Serve with whole wheat potato rolls, pickles and baked chips for the kids.

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