Wish Upon A Dish: Uncle Sam bought us a new TV

March 9, 2011

Uncle Sam bought us a new TV

The Nudge spotted a Samsumg 27" HDTV in BJ's Saturday.

I went for a phone. Funny how our checkout cart ended up with both in it.

We had a little Zenith 19" HDTV that was perfectly fine for a bedroom but it had this white stripe from top to bottom and it just wasn't worth fixing. Hey, it was the bedroom, who really watches a lot of TV in there?

Why do men always want bigger? Enough said.

Last year we had this other Samsung TV we bought over 20 years ago that, if it wasn't for the invention of HD TV, we would still be watching, it was that good of a TV. It was our Living Room TV. We inherited his Mom's TV when she passed away. Hers was a Panasonic. It's OK but not wonderful.

We bought another Samsung because of that older TV.

I am the techie in the family and I get the privilege of hooking up all the electrical goodies.

Why do men pretend they know what they are doing? Enough said.

This time around I did have to call the cable company. I needed to program the remote to the new TV and it is easier to ask them for the codes then going through the whole process of pushing this button then this while reading what can be up to 5-6 codes. They tell you....push this, then this...OK now type in this and you are done.

Why do women always seem to get things done faster and easier than a man? Enough said.

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