Wish Upon A Dish: Another New Favorite Thing & Breakfasts in Key West

June 7, 2011

Another New Favorite Thing & Breakfasts in Key West

When we go on vacation I always insist on starting the day with a good, stick to your ribs healthy breakfast.

Knowing what I should have and getting what I do always let's me know that it I should have listened to my brain and not my stomach.

This year I actually listened to my brain and had fresh fruits, and a yogurt & granola parfait. I signed us up for the breakfast package at the resort but up the street was a unique restaurant that we kept hearing had great breakfasts.

This is Camille's Restaurant. Eclectic, colorful and great waitresses. This was one of 3 bars and the main dining room. I think that every place in Key West has a bar or 2. That is where they make their money.

The first morning there we had to get an eye-opener. Well, we were in key West after all. The trolley driver said that nowadays Key West is known as "A drinking person's island with a small fishing problem".
I did have a bowl of fresh fruit every morning, no matter where I was.

I never had polenta pancakes and I had to try them. They did not let me down and one Sunday soon I will be making these at home.

As soon as I got home I knew I had to buy the makings for that Fruit & Granola Parfait.....eventually I will make my own granola but I found this kind at my market. Seeds & nuts are essential to controlling blood sugar spikes and I love sunflower and pumpkin seeds.

What I liked about this granola, besides the seeds, is that it uses all natural ingredients and NO artificial preservatives.

My new favorite thing.

Stonyfield yogurt, fresh or dried mixed berries, granola and this is just as good a breakfast as I could ask for on a hot summer morning.

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