Wish Upon A Dish: Rainy Day Pictures of a Sunny Key West

June 23, 2011

Rainy Day Pictures of a Sunny Key West

If you are like me and you live anywhere in the US lately, you probably are depressed about all the dreary, unstoppable, flooding rains that have deluged us the last few months.

Days like this I put on the AC in my bedroom, drag out the ironing board and make a dent in that pile of all those clean cotton shorts and shirts you wore on vacation.

We have a warning every hour now about possible tornadoes in the area, I am certainly not venturing out. I have to hope I do not need to fire up the generator while I am home by myself. Days like today I wished I had let The Nudge show me how to do it.

In the meantime I will finish posting some of the pics from Duval Street in Key West.

Sometime in the middle of the week we were tired of the oppressive heat and didn't want to leave our room, I decided that we needed a day of just overly sweet, neon, cold blender drinks at the Hard Rock cafe and watch the traffic walk on by us on the street.

Here are most of the sites you will see in any 30 minute stretch of time.

You must rent an Electric Car for a day. You can see every section of the island, the places that the site seeing tours don't take you and get a real feel for the non tourist parts. It really is a complex little island.

There goes the Conch Train. We took that tour the first time we stopped here way back in 1992. Was a good thing to do when you only have 7 hours to hang.

If you are more adventurous, you can rent scooters. Easier to get around, but much easier to park than an electric car. If you were to go there for more than 3 days, I would suggest renting these for the time you are there.

If you are in the mood for a slow but steady trip up the mile and a quarter street, this is a nice way to go.

This is the trolley we bought a ticket for. You get 2 days of hoping on and off at any of the 10 regular stops they make around the island. For $29.00 each it's a great bargain if you are planning on going into town a few times a day. A one-way taxi trip will run you $10.00 so 4 tips in one day costs $40.00. Plus. the guys are funny, will answer any questions you have and it runs every 30 minutes all day till 5:30.

You will get a lot of bikers in Key West. It is a bohemian place and the local bars are packed with them. Lots of fun if you want a day of hard drinking in a local joint. Those days are way behind us now. We like it quiet and clean.

We have been to many Hard Rock Cafes while traveling for work and vacation, and this one is by far the nicest, newest and unique one we have been in.

We walked up the front stairs, picked out a table right on the street and ordered a drink.

YUP, this is exactly what the doctor ordered.

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