Wish Upon A Dish: A rainy day random post and shots of my animal menagerie...

June 11, 2011

A rainy day random post and shots of my animal menagerie...

It is going to rain all day. Doing anything outside is not possible.
I have been editing pictures I have taken the last few weeks and thought you might like to see them.

More than likely we will be heading out for a pizza. I bought a Groupon for a local 'Farm2Bistro' restaurant and would like to try it tonight. I like to support our local growers and this place buys only from NJ farmers.

So, all I have for today is a homage montage of the animals that move in and out of my daily life.......

New Mama and baby Mary eating crackers I left them. They are all getting so big.

Poor Mama, a baby herself, birthing 3 pups.

Papa cardinal, comes every day with the Mrs. I will try to get a pick of the both of them but they hardly ever eat together. One always poses as the lookout.
Mrs. has already been inside my house. It's a good thing I was home to rescue her.

This is were my baby boy sits and watches for his sissy Cha Cha.
So cute....

Look close...yes, closer. Yup, that's Cha Cha on the kids swings next door, checking out the pool. I really thought she was trying to figure out a way to get in there...but I hope she's just curious.

I love my kitties but I also respect the wild animals to live a life unstressed by my cats.
So far, so good.
Have a Great Day!

Grilled Italian Veal Chops tomorrow.

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