Wish Upon A Dish: 30 Minute Meals from America's Test Kitchen

July 21, 2011

30 Minute Meals from America's Test Kitchen

I an effort to help my Dad revise his eating habits and get him to eat three full meals a day and 2 snack's, I have been ordering cookbooks from America's Test Kitchen.

He needs recipes with low-salt, low-fat and low-acidic ingredients that are easy to prepare and cook. I have my work cut out for me on this one.

My Dad, unlike many Seniors in this country, has refused to get a computer, so saying to him, "Dad, just go into Google and look up low salt recipes" will fall on deaf ears.

Cookbooks were the best way to go...but he's not getting them. He won't open them. His sight isn't all that great and he doesn't like to strain his eyes reading small print. I will copy and past them and enlarge the print.

Hey, he's my Dad and my best buddy. Nothing's too good for him.

I will make a binder for him with copied recipes from each book that I think he will prepare and eat.

The first one I bought was the Slow Cooker Revolution, with 200 recipes in a family-friendly collection that delivers a revolution in slow cooking like only America's Test Kitchen can.

I bought him a Crockpot right after his open heart surgery, gave him a few lessons but he forgot everything I taught him and really has no idea what to do with it.

The majority of the recipes that will go into his binder from this book will be soups, stocks and large pieces of meat that will be portioned into single meals.

The second one was The Best Slow & Easy Recipes, which has more than 250 foolproof, flavor-packed roasts, stews, and braises that let the oven do the work.

This will be used for recipes that don't do well in a Crockpot.

Lasagnas, oven fried chicken, healthy meatloaves, roasted loins etc.

The final book, arrived yesterday.
I had forgotten I ordered it. Their cookbooks are as slow in arriving as the time it takes to test each recipe.

The Best Simple Recipes is one that I will enjoy cooking from and have already earmarked 5-6 recipes I will be making after returning from New England in two weeks.

These will be dishes that he can make when he forgets to use the other two books....lol.

What I love about the America's Test Kitchen cookbooks is that they give very good directions for each recipe with hints and tips along the way.

Something I know will be extremely appreciated by my Dad.

I will take a pic of each recipe that he makes and post it under my new label Senior Moments in Food Economics 101.
If you also need to start preparing your parents for those senior years, at least you will be armed with recipes that will already have been tested by "Senior Hands".

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