Wish Upon A Dish: My Little Boy and My Big Joy

July 11, 2011

My Little Boy and My Big Joy

It was a beautiful day yesterday. After doing some yard work, we settled in on our back deck with a pitcher of Sangria and my camera.

Raven spent the better part of the afternoon trying to terrorize the birds in our feeder. He just isn't all that quick and after about 3 hours he finally give up and decided to take a well deserved nap.

What amazes me is cats love of sun. Could be 100 degrees and they will lay right in the sun.

I will touch that black fur of his and it's as hot as a cup of coffee, and he just doesn't care.

When I looked up from the grill, this was what I saw on our back patio.
Doesn't he look comfortable?
He just loves to stretch out on that patio. It's like his private little space. He really doesn't care that he's laying in a pile of old stems, and bushes and branches. Total oblivion.

I guess he wasn't comfortable on his side.
Or he had an itch on his back, either way, look at that fat belly.

I just want to squeeze it!!

Oops, he heard me laughing and got embarrassed but...

.....I think he realized I was watching him and snapping pics.....

....so he decided to do a few flips for me.

Now he was downright playing for the camera.
What an actor.
There was no stopping him now, he was on a roll (sorry for the pun).

Could he get any cuter?

Yeah, he could and he did. SHOW-OFF!!!
Hey Ma, look at me, take my pic, please.....

How's this?
Did you get it? Should I do it again?

And this?.....

Oh, hell.
I'm really tired after that workout....think I'll take a nap now.


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