Wish Upon A Dish: Testing Turkey Bacon

September 6, 2011

Testing Turkey Bacon

Let's face it folks, pork fat rules.

I admit it. I love pork but I am not in love with bacon.

The Nudge, on the other hand (like most men), could eat it every day of his remaining life. I keep his allotment at home to three slices on Sunday and he gets a few at the Diner on Saturday.

To me, that's more then enough and he's begrudgingly happy with that. He's also lucky he can eat bacon without worry. The man has no clogging of his arteries whatsoever and I am begrudgingly happy for him.......NOT!

I would not even think of buying turkey bacon on an average day, but give me a coupon and a sale......

Yes, there are now two packages of Butterball Turkey Bacon in my fridge.

I tell him I am testing it for my Dad (which I sort of are), and he will try in once.

I am more concerned with the flavor then the texture. Come winter when we go back to Soup Monday, I usually use pancetta in 98% of my soups for the flavor it gives. If I could sub the bacon out and still get that flavor I am looking for, we all win.

Today, being a big bacon day (BLT's for dinner), I decided to fry up some turkey bacon for our Egg and Bacon Breakfast Sandwiches The Nudge requested.

The Nudge said it tasted fine to him, and I got a good bacon flavor from it.
I did some research and this is the comparison between the turkey bacon and Oscar Mayer bacon and as you can see, it is totally worth substitutions when you can.

I will say that when making a BLT, you need to use real bacon and I find that baking or nuking on a rack is the best way to cook it. The fat drips off and the slices stay flat. If you can not have bacon at all, the turkey substitutions are a great alternative.

According to a taste test done by a local Miami newspaper, the Applewood Farms brand ranked #1 in texture and flavor but at half the price, the Butterball did fine.

Disclaimer: Butterball has no idea who I am and this is our opinion.

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