Wish Upon A Dish: NY Giants Tour

March 8, 2012

NY Giants Tour

Last year The Nudge got tickets to a Giants game and we always do the tailgating thing. This year after a grilled steak and salad, we found ourselves with a good 90 minutes of kill time so we took off and headed for the stadium.

The new stadium, which houses both the Giants and the Jets, needed a sponsor because it is no longer just Giants Stadium (money talks), so naturally it is no longer Giant Stadium and now it is Met Life Stadium. Just seems unnatural after going there for 30 years to see the new sign.

To kick off the new season, it just so happened, they picked the day we were there to celebrate Met Life Day. Running all sorts of games and giveaways along the bottom level, we stumbled upon a computer game that had you answer questions about the Giants within a certain amount of time. My puter prowess with The Nudge's knowledge of sports was almost a guarantee win and we were actually the big winner and won a tour of the team facilities. Soon after the Super Bowl, we got the Email invite.

They promised us a surprise guest and we each could bring two items that could be autographed. I wouldn't bet on Manning but it would be nice if it was a player I actually recognize (The Nudge wanted a first string player).

The training facility is new, built one year before the new stadium was opened last year. With lots of empty land in the Meadowlands, they really spread the building out. I guess with all those large football monsters you need something substantial.

Twenty feet within the entrance you see this. Who would not be impressed? Four Super Bowls? Only a selected few could boast about that. I grew up with the Giants having lived two miles from the Stadium, and Phil Sims was a neighbor of mine. I knew him before he got married. A scrawny beanpole, just his first rookie year. We played a lot of pool in his newly rented (by the Giants of course) house in Lyndhurst. He holds a special place in my heart and The Nudge thinks he's pretty cool too. He still lives in New Jersey, his boys off on their own football careers.

They played a video of last years highlights leading up to the Super Bowl and then of course, the highlights of the Super Bowl itself. Our special guest turned out to be the current center for the team, Kevin Boothe. He spent about 15 minutes answering questions.
At twenty-six he was still a baby but he looked twice his age. They sure do grow them different nowadays.

After he was done, we were lead down a hall to the weight room. It must be a sight to see when they are all there. Each player has a book with daily goals and are responsible for obtaining them. They will be back around the end of April, first of May to get back into shape but the actual filed practices won't start until June/July.

This is not your average Gold's Gym. Poor hubby, he couldn't even lift the lightest dumbbell there.

The Nudge's wish of standing next to a lineman set this pic up, but I was at the other end of the room so I am sorry the picture wasn't a good one. All of a sudden I hear, Sue, Sue, and a finger beckoning me to take the picture, NOW. I know hubby is only 5'7" but this guy made him look, well, my height. The Nudge said he was laughing so hard because I walked with Kevin to the practice field and I came up to his mid chest and he wished he had the camera for that picture.

This is their video room, where the local Giants interview show is and any interview that maybe, ESPN would like to do on location, and all the films that are sent to the sports channels.

Everyone took a pic of this special locker....THE MAN himself, ole Eli. I bet he has someone clean his locker., men are just not that neat. I had such a good time, taking pictures of the little boys with their dads, who asked me if I would please take a pic of them together. How could anyone say no to that?

Guess you can tell 'who' spends their Monday mornings in this room, going over Sundays highlights, good or bad. Each part of the team has their own room. Offensive linemen, Special Plays, defensive linemen, receivers, like I said, HUGE.

Full sized replica of the stadium field, right down to the turf. I asked Kevin which stadium, besides Giant Stadium, that he loved to play in and his answer was not that well received due to a major rivalry between them, but they all agreed, Jerry Jones missed nothing when he built the new Cowboy's Stadium (which we won in three times mind you).

After the tour, we ended our night with a very nice meal in the cafeteria where the players eat. At any time during the season, they could have 80 monsters piling huge amounts of protein on their trays. They don't stop preparing food until the last player is tucked in for the night.

All in all it was very nice, a small intimate look at a team that has been around for decades. We had our thoughts about wasting our time, but we both agreed, it was a good night and we were glad we did it.
We did find something out that surprised me. Everyone who works for a winning Super Bowl team, from owner to trash man gets Super Bowl ring.
Not bad being this is their 4th one. I would love to cook for this team.

Hope you enjoyed a little slice of our night.

GO G-Men, Big Blue rules!!!!

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