Wish Upon A Dish: Stone Milled Rye Bread - Reuben's All Around

March 28, 2012

Stone Milled Rye Bread - Reuben's All Around

I have been planning on making this Reuben sandwich since the day I baked my Mustard-Honey Corned Beef Brisket.

Turns out because Panera's Stone Milled Rye contains whole grain flours it fits right into my pledge to eat a grain a meal for four weeks.

My homemade sauerkraut is as healthy as a vegetable can get and the beef as lean as they come.

We are not a sandwich family nowadays but The Nudge grew up on sandwiches. Six kids taking lunch to school, his mom would slap one piece of bologna and cheese on two slices of Wonder Bread and send them on their way. Not much of a sandwich but for eight years that's what he ate every day.

I remember after we were married we would pop over to do laundry and she would make us a sandwich. Ham and Swiss replaced bologna and American and rye sat in for the Wonder Bread.
One piece of meat, one slice of cheese. Somethings never change.

I guess those sandwiches became a comfort food for him, the memories overshadowing the ingredients. The minute he sat down in Panera's and took a bite out of this sandwich on Stone Milled Rye I could tell he was thinking of all those days, right before his Mother passed, that he would stop by for a lunch visit, grocery bag in hand with deli sliced ham and cheese and a loaf of Beefsteak Rye. Had to be Beefsteak seedless rye or don't bother coming over.

The minute he mentioned that rye bread, I knew I was making sandwiches, and soon. The fact that corned beef brisket was everywhere, made it a no-brainer.
I would make Reuben's.

Rye bread, Russian dressing, corned beef, sauerkraut, Gruyere cheese and mustard. Anyway you make them, it can't be bad.

The construction of a Reuben can go two ways. Open-faced or grilled. In this house it usually means I will be making both.

Excellent, excellent, wonderful and yummy. I love the fresh sauerkraut, just the right amount of sour to balance out the honey braised beef. If you have the time to make the kraut, you can purchase sliced deli corned beef and make these tomorrow.

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Mary said...

Susan, both versions look wonderful. I love to make food that comes with memories attached. I'm sure your husband was thrilled that you made these for him. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary