Wish Upon A Dish: Eclair Cake - July Recipe Redux Challenge

July 21, 2012

Eclair Cake - July Recipe Redux Challenge

The Recipe Redux challenge this month was to beat the heat with a no cook meal.

There sure were enough courses to choose so I choose dessert because by chance I actually needed a quick dessert the other day when it was 100° and I was not about to bake.

Somewhere in the annuls of my creative disturbed mind, I remembered a no bake layer cake made with pudding and graham crackers.

Nothing special but it was pretty good. What I liked about this recipe (besides the ease of preparation) was the endless possibilities of flavor combinations that could be made to suit a family's preferences. It also can be made pretty healthy without changing the texture or the flavors.

I picked chocolate and vanilla (The Nudge's favorites) but next time I make this I will try the Honey and Pistachio. What am I talking about?

Graham crackers and pudding. You could use the lower fat versions (which are pretty low fat) and the sugar-free puddings and skim milk. The only slightly non-healthy part of this recipe is the ganache topping, but if you used dark chocolate (70% cocoa) not all would be lost. You could even use a sugar-free chocolate ice cream topping.

You need a small baking pan, about 7x5 but with some maneuvering you could use an 8x8 square cake pan, just have to double the recipe amounts.

Cast of Characters:
1 box graham crackers, any flavor
1 box sugar free instant pudding
2 cups skim milk
1/3 cup dark chocolate, chopped
1/4 cup fat-free half & half
1 1/2 tablespoon light corn syrup

1. Cover bottom of 3-cup baking dish with layer of graham crackers, breasking crackers as necessary to line the bottom of dish. Top with a 1/3 pudding and another layer of crackers. Repeat with pudding and crackers two more times, ending with the crackers.
3. Microwave half & half, chocolate and corn syrup in bowl 1-2 minutes at 50% power.
Stir after 1 minute and continue to nuke.
Cool to room temp and pour over cake, smoothing evenly. Refrigerate at least 6 hours but overnight is better.

The crackers absorb the moisture from the pudding and becomes cake-like. It is very rich so one small baking pan will easily serve 6. Top with Dream Whip, Cool-Whip or unsweetened creme fraiche. I would recommend topping with some toasted nuts and if you use the pistachio pudding, chopped pistachios on top would make a nice finish to this 10 minute dessert.

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