Wish Upon A Dish: Demon Bridge

May 20, 2013

Demon Bridge

Yes, I'm home and finally all caught up with emails and call backs, food shopping, bill pay, and most important.....laundry.
The kitties are back to their usual Sunday morning routine and very happy things have settled down.

See that pic of a bridge from our car? That's the view as we approached the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. I have never seen a bridge that high and long, so I grabbed a quick pic. I have also never been more paranoid. I had to close my eyes and swallow a few times. Being slightly afraid of heights, I was not prepared. Once back on Terra Firma I told The Nudge I am never going back over that "demon bridge" again.

He quietly informed me that in order to see Annapolis we have no choice but to cross the "demon bridge".
I actually took out the map to see if there was another crossing up by Baltimore, but this was the only bridge over the Chesapeake Bay.


There was no way out of this and I know, although he wasn't saying, he was as spooked as I was.
No shoulder and an open rail with ongoing traffic coming right at you, would make anyone unhappy.

After having a stiff margarita, the bartender heard us talking and informed us that there were two bridges. A newer one and the old one. The newer one had concrete walls so you could not see straight down and there were shoulders and a fatter dividing line.
Maybe we could do this.

Looking at it from this distance, it looks doable and quite serene.
Who was I trying to kid? I had no choice but to buck it up and act like a 'man'.

Oh, by the way, that other 'man' in the front seat took out the map and decided he was going to save the day. He found a route home he said for me so that "I would never be required to cross that "demon bridge" again".
For me? Honestly, who was he trying to kid?

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