Wish Upon A Dish: FOOD - Julia Child's Smithsonian Kitchen

May 10, 2013

FOOD - Julia Child's Smithsonian Kitchen

I simply can not figure out how to upload photos now that Google yet again managed to mess everything comfortable, into God knows what. I think they did this new round of updates to punish us iPad users. Just as I had finally gotten used to one set of rules, they made new ones. I can not guarantee that what you finally read is what I started with....not a way I wanted to spend precious vacation time.

The Museum of American History is a wonderful (but often confusing) museum that allows you to walk through, well, American history. I thought you would appreciate these pictures of Julia Child's kitchen during her final years and last move to New England.

If you saw the picture Julie & Julia, you would have seen this same set upon each kitchen she located too.

They say this is exact down to the inch. I was fascinated. My first apartment had that peg board set-up. Wonder where I got that idea?

It really does works well.

It was interesting to see what cookbooks she had and yes, hers where there too.
I will finish the museum displays when I get home to the easy computer. I have some impressive pictures to share.
The rest of the week was spent visiting the monuments and surprisingly, the Korean War Memorial was more impressive, eerier and thought provoking than the Vietnam Memorial, but that's another post.

We are now in Baltimore and did the Aquarium, which was a total home run. Have a great Friday!

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