Wish Upon A Dish: Hard Rock Cafe - Washington, DC

May 13, 2013

Hard Rock Cafe - Washington, DC

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Can you guess where we ate lunch our last afternoon in DC?

I have to say, out of the thirty or so Hard Rocks we have had the pleasure to drink in, I thought this one was one of the more unique ones.
Seems everyone we talk to (patrons & staff alike) has a history with this place, and ours goes back at least twenty years. Got a minute?

Many years ago we needed to kill an hour in St. Thomas, to wait for work on jewelry we purchased.
The Nudge spotted a sign down a small alley in a little hole in the wall building, on the second floor, and dragged me in. There I discovered a whole new world, with rock memorabilia on every surface and wall.
My first time..... "Wow, this was great!"

They say you never forget your first. What a great way to kill an hour.....
....we stayed for three.

You could say we were hooked. Every place we traveled, we found ourselves searching to see if that city had a Hard Rock. Back then the Internet was not the one of today. As our list grew and we found ourselves traveling independent of each other, a family rivalry was born, and over the years we did a good job of keeping within one new location of each other.

Soon we had checked off cities as close as New York and as far as Kuala Lumpur.

This trip will result in two places, this the first and soon in Baltimore which I understand is built into an old power plant. That will be interesting.
I promise lots of pictures, now that I can post multiples.

If you are ever in DC, take a walk to 10th Street and have a drink. The staff is excellent and even signed us up for their rewards club, which will now keep track of all our visits. Unfortunately I can no longer tell The Nudge that I was once again, one up on him.

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