Wish Upon A Dish: Kent Island Local Bar

May 18, 2013

Kent Island Local Bar

I thought I would share some pics of one of the few bars we patronized on the island. This one was across the parking lot of the Hilton Garden Inn.

Other fun part of all the bars in Maryland is Happy Hours. New Jersey out-lawed happy hours years ago. I actually understand their reasoning. No one in Baltimore or DC drives, so drink away people's, no DUI or DWI there and on the bay, there are so many of them you walk out the door of your hotel and sit on a bar stool. I miss happy hours. Food and drink so cheap, why would you leave.....BINGO. Now you got it!!

The bars on Kent's Narrows (west coast Chesapeake Bay) remind me of the ones at the Jersey Shore and all the ones in Key West. They are colorful and jammed packed with local signage and articles, hung everywhere.

Always busy with locals, they are filled with the nicest people we have met in a long time.
Actually, to be fair, every place we were this trip was as pleasant as can be and I was never shown any attitude when asking for information of any kind.
Two young college girls stopped by our machine when they noticed we had no clue how to buy a week 'Short Pass' for the Metro, and personally talked us through it.
Imagine that happening in NYC?!?!!!!
No way, man. I've been there.

As much fun as they are, a problem with all these same-themed bars.....same-themed menus and by our last day here, we were jonesing for Italian.

Soon to be on our way home, we both agreed our highlight had to be, hands-down, the Aquarium in Baltimore. I have a ton of pics but that's for when I get home and can spend a day editing those.

Tomorrow we head home to hug the stuffing out of our kitties.
Have a great day and hug a stranger.....well, let's start with something more hygienic.....a smile is a good start.
Tally Ho!!!

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