Wish Upon A Dish: A Cat's Life

July 30, 2013

A Cat's Life

When the weather finally broke, we weren't the only ones happy we could hang outside again.

Raven and his adopted brother, Bobby were just cooling it on the back patio. Two big ol' boys, just hangin' out.

Bobby was trying to get Raven's attention, but Raven was having none of it.

He tried being cute.


 He waved his paws.....


He even tried to nudge him with his back legs.

Raven was snoozing quietly.....

but after trying a few times,
he did get someone else's attention......

....and then there was three.
I am amazed as how well they behave together as long as all three are in a prone position.

I'm off to the shore for a few days. See ya on Friday!!

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