Wish Upon A Dish: Here Kitty, Kitty......

July 16, 2013

Here Kitty, Kitty......

We adopted a stray cat that showed up around the same time we brought our new kitties home and everyone around us feeds him. He's a BIG boy.

Meet Bobby. You can't see them but he has the greenest eyes I have ever seen on a brown tabby. They melt me and yes, he's totally spoiled.

He's also the sweetest, most gentle stray I know and......

......the little princess ChaCha pushes him around like he's a mere kitten. She also knows he's gentle and after 5 years, she still has no idea what to do with him.

As you can see, Bobby really doesn't care as long as there is a constant source of food and someone to pet him.
(There happens to be a bird feeder directly above that plant but not within their reach. He thinks the birds can't see him.)

On the other hand, my boy, Raven, thinks Bobby's the coolest bud in town and will follow him everywhere.

Yes, he thinks Bobby won't know he's in the chives, hiding, but I knew. Who has the heart to chase him? Not me.

A glimpse into my backyard menagerie. They make me smile every day.

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