Wish Upon A Dish: Banana Cinnamon French Toast in a Travel Mug ♥ I LOVE this!!!

August 16, 2016

Banana Cinnamon French Toast in a Travel Mug ♥ I LOVE this!!!

A few months ago, I was checking out a few of the Recipe Redux blogger's monthly challenge posts when I ran across this post: Meal Make Over Moms Blueberry Banana French Toast-in-a-Mug.

I have seen various cake in a mug posts, a few eggs in a mug recipes but not one on French Toast in a Mug. While reading the info, I got the idea to take their idea and transfer it in a disposable travel coffee cup for The Nudge to take to work.
Right now he takes a Rubbermaid sippy cup filled with a weekly smoothie I always have in the fridge.  I was tired of them everyday and thought he might like a change.

This seemed like a great idea so the gals over at Makeover Moms told me to try it and let them know how it went.
I bought the To Go cups at Wally World at a decent price and finally got a break to work out the details.

Knowing that the mixture would be packaged the night before presented some concerns about the paper of the cup. It might soften with the egg & milk mixture and the bread would be over saturated to the point that the final texture would really be a bread pudding and not a "toast".

I needed a plan.

For the bread to remain intact (as French Toast is), I would have to toast it before cooking, then cut it to fit into the bottom of the cup.
I made two circles using 2 cookie cutters, one that fits snug in the bottom and the other the next size up to fit where the cup is larger. The small pieces that where not large enough for my smallest cutter, were torn into 1" pieces and became the gravel on the bottom.

I then made the egg/milk mixture and it fit perfectly into a large condiment cup and that sits on the toast. In a smaller condiment cup, I filled with maple syrup and that sat on the egg mix.

The lid is domed so the syrup fit on top perfectly.
Try to find the cups with the domed lid. I'm pretty sure all the ones I looked at were domed but double check just to be sure.

I wrote the cooking directions on the cup and placed it in the fridge.
I did my part, now it was up to The Nudge to do his.
I really hoped it worked. I know he will like having a change in the usual smoothie.

I am happy to post that the experiment was a huge success and The Nudge was the talk of the break room!!
I know he enjoyed that but did remember to give me some credit.....lol

Banana French Toast In A Mug
makes one serving, but two would fit in the travel cup
Adapted slightly from Meal Make Over Moms Blueberry Banana French Toast-in-a-Mug
* 1 egg, beaten
* 1/2 a medium banana, smashed, ripe but not mushy
* 1 tablespoon milk, any kind
* 1/4 cup fruit (blueberries, blackberries, raspberries) I used dried Sugar-free Craisins.
* pinch of salt
* 1 slice cinnamon swirl bread, cut to fit the vessel

Maple syrup, optional

1. Mix the egg/milk mixture with the banana and berries (if using).
2. Place the bread in the mug/cup and microwave for 90 seconds.
3. If the egg is not set microwave in 10 second intervals until the bread starts to rise.
4. Remove and cover with the lid to set for about 5 minutes (also lets the berries cool down).
5. Pour the syrup over and eat.

The Nudge's Review: It cooked up perfectly. I wished I had poured the egg mixture down the sides of the bread because the bottom pieces were firmer than the others. I don't mind that but others might. I have no problem rotating this with egg mug omelets for breakfast at work.

So happy it worked like a charm and I have gotten a request to change up the fruit when the seasons change (apples, pears or anything that you would pair with French Toast).

I also think chocolate mini chips would be a nice surprise and instead of the banana, a spoonful of favorite jam (maybe even a swirl of peanut butter).
So many possibilities.

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Liz - Meal Makeover Mom said...

I love your post! So creative ... and really cool the way you layered all the ingredients into the cup. Thanks for sharing your MMM interpretation :)