Wish Upon A Dish: Turkey Kielbasa, Broccoli/Carrots & Perogies 💜 Recipe ReDux September Challenge - Sheet Pan Dinners

September 21, 2017

Turkey Kielbasa, Broccoli/Carrots & Perogies 💜 Recipe ReDux September Challenge - Sheet Pan Dinners

Sheet pan dinners are popular because it's an easy no-brainer way to prepare a weeknight dinner with minimum prep and clean up.

I also get that the ingredients can be prepared in advance, covered with foil or cling wrap and as soon as the oven is up to heat, in 30 or more minutes, dinner is served.

I had a hard time picking the foods for this challenge and not sure which ones I would lean towards so I decided that I would make a monthly menu plan starting the day after last months challenge to keep track of which ones worked (flavor and ease of prep) and which did not.

Up till yesterday I did successfully cook 20 of the 29 planned recipes. The other 9 were meals prepared by others, family gathering or restaurant.
While hubby will pretty much eat anything I put in front of him, the ones that did not totally satisfy his taste buds ended up with more snacking or desserts afterward.

For the last year we have successfully lost a total of 90 pounds but last month we both gained a few of them back.
The only thing I could think of that was different was the elimination of grains.
I could serve the Nudge a hunk of meat for dinner and he would be happy....for a few days.

When I make my monthly meal plan, he gets to choose one dish he really wants per week. I have noticed that last month he asked for a hamburger or pizza or pasta.

I had to make a decision, add the grains to give up the empty calories or forbid my husband to eat the foods he loves.
Sort of defeats the sheet pan meal concept if you have foods that need to be cooked not on a sheet pan.

So, to keep with the challenge but to make it a meal that would be part of our monthly plan, I had to find a way to include carbs.

This was what I did.....

One of the top 10 most asked for is kielbasa & perogies with broccoli or carrots. How to cook the perogies on a sheet pan? I bought aluminum take-out containers with lids at the dollar store.

Defrost the perogies in the fridge if frozen or buy fresh ones and added 1/4 cup water to the aluminum pan. In the 20 minutes it took to bake the meat & vegetables it also steamed the perogies to perfection, with no liquid remaining.

Ta Dah!

It was cooked perfectly down to the dough of the perogies.
I would serve this with a good brown mustard and a dollop of lite sour cream. I would also offer individual containers of apple sauce.

Directions for a sheet pan dinner for one to two.
Slice 4oz of turkey kielbasa 3/4 the way through keeping the sausage intact. I actually can buy a 4oz kielbasa at Dollar Tree.
Toss 1 cup both broccoli and carrots with olive oil and seasonings of choice (I use Adobo with pepper) or salt & pepper.
Spray the sheet pan the take out pan & the perogies with a release agent, add the water & seal the take out pan and bake the sheet pan (uncovered) at 425­­° for 20 minutes.

For those that have no reason to resize the ingredients, I would use a large round or rectangular take out container for the perogies and add 1/2 cup of water. A large bag of prepared mixed vegetable that your family would eat and follow the directions as above baking the sheet pan in the oven for 20-25 minutes at 425°.