Wish Upon A Dish: A New Year, New Recipes & a Final Phase of this Blog

January 17, 2018

A New Year, New Recipes & a Final Phase of this Blog

Happy New Year!
I know my posts have been sporadic.
Actually for the last months of 2017, my posts were mostly for The Recipe Redux and even then I missed many months, and since it wasn't fair to the group to not put in an effort, I sadly resigned.

I thought taking a vacation from blogging would give me time to figure it all out and I realized I still loved creating new dishes, using new techniques and trying new foods but found out that I just did not enjoy writing the whys or the time it took to style the dishes and do the photography.

Once I discovered Instagram there was no returning to the old format of this blog.
I loved snapping a quick pic of my dish and writing a small description. I never wanted a blog as a business. I wanted it to be a place to teach others about dishes and food discoveries as they related to Diabetes, even after I had mine under control.
I love sharing healthy, nutritious and delicious tasty recipes.

Since Instagram is all about the pic, I am keeping this website open to post the recipe, in case someone would like to cook my dish.

Basic, simple and easy to access.

I pulled over a hundred favorite recipes off this blog so I could update them. They were favorites of mine and needed small tweaks. Once done I will snap a pic for my Instagram account (Wish Upon A Dish) and include a link to here where you can get the recipe and a small description of why it was a favorite, along with how I updated it.

I hope to eventually go through each recipe.
See you soon!


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