Wish Upon A Dish: 5-Ingredient Slow-Cooker Balsamic Chicken

February 13, 2018

5-Ingredient Slow-Cooker Balsamic Chicken

I have spent the last few weeks tearing my house down to the bare walls and building it back up to the best organized shape it has ever been in.

I think all those Pinterest posts on Dollar Store Organization has had a big influence on me.
They always say it gets worse before it gets better and in this case, it was so true.

I thought once I bought all the bins, put same type articles in each, I would experience that satisfaction of being totally organized. Not to be.

For the first 3-4 weeks I couldn't find a thing. I spent more time wasted on removing items from 2-3 bins before even getting warm. I thought I would remember what was in each bin as long as it was in a certain room but, NO.

So, my advice to anyone who starts a huge organizing project is this.....
buy big labels and label everything before putting them in their new location.

Along with personal items, I have also been purging my printed 'wish list' recipe file. There is no way I would ever have time to cook each one. About a year ago, I scanned all my old Bon Appetit, F&W, Food Network, and Cooks Illustrated indexes on to a stick and recycled all the magazines. If I am looking for inspiration I can read through that stick in about 30 minutes instead of each magazine.

This dish was part of a series of 5 ingredient Slow Cooker recipes recently emailed my way and I needed a few simple, unattended dinners while I completed my project.

The original recipe called for thighs but I wanted to try a breast in the slow cooker.
I used 2 skin-on, bone-in breasts, a bottle of balsamic dressing, garlic and grape tomatoes.

I have a small Crockpot I use when I need dinner with no leftovers. This time I needed two breasts for two nights while The Nudge was involved in a yearly meeting of all worldwide buyers.

Last night I made a batch of polenta to serve my chicken over and it was a good meal.
Tonight I am ripping the other breast into a pot of Pasta a Ceci.

Since I will be home alone quite a bit this year, I think I need to use my slow cooker more often.

5-Ingredient Slow-Cooker Balsamic Chicken
Adapted from Pillsbury

* 2 bone-in skin-on chicken breast halves
* 1 cup favorite balsamic vinaigrette dressing
* 4 cloves minced garlic
* 1 /2 cup grape tomatoes
* Fresh basil leaves, optional

1. Preheat slow cooker while washing and drying chicken.
2. Pour half bottle of dressing & garlic into insert. Place chicken breasts, meat side down on top of dressing.
3. Set heat to high for hours or until internal temp of breast reaches 165, checking at 3 hours. Mine was spot on at that time.
4. Add the tomatoes after 1 hour.

Serve over polenta, pasta or grain of choice and top with fresh basil.

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