Wish Upon A Dish: Greek Shellfish Stew

April 30, 2010

Greek Shellfish Stew

I got this recipe from Sara's Weeknight Meals show on PBS. I made a few adjustments like most of us do, based on what we already have on hand at home.
You remember Sara Moulton?
She used to have a show on the Food Network but her real job was Executive Chef for the now defunct Gourmet Magazine. I do believe shes the GMA Food Director or something like that.
I like Sara. She's unpretentious, shes sincere and shes very likable. She has a new cookbook being released this year as a companion follow-up to her Weeknight Meals book. I hope PBS does a new show on her new book.

Anyways........Micheal Psilakis was a guest chef on her show.
I really like him as a chef and personality and since I LOVE LOVE LOVE seafood I had to put this on the menu.
This is what the dish looks like when a professional chef and photographer collaborate. Mine is not like this at all. I bought what was on sale at the fish department of the local market (which was calamari, grouper and mussels) and they don't sell shrimp with the heads on it or scallops in the shell. We will see how mine turns out, I'm sure it will be delicious but it won't look like the pic here.........lol

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