Wish Upon A Dish: Grilled Salmon Mignons with Grilled Asparagus

June 6, 2010

Grilled Salmon Mignons with Grilled Asparagus

Wild caught King Salmon is just about the best salmon you can buy and eat. It's not available all year and it can be quite expensive at about $16.99 a pound, at least around here it is.
If you can get it, I suggest buying it and cooking it within 1 day.
I have heard that in the Northwest they practically give it away and at every restaurant it's on the table like a loaf of bread or rolls would be.
I wish we were that lucky. With my market, this is the standard cut of King Salmon that I usually find. I will cut it down the middle, pull out the bones and remove the skin. One half is a portion (about 5 ounces), so one whole steak is enough for the two of us.

This was the cut that I bought this week at my market. They had no steaks, just fillets. That won't stop me from buying it, so I bought a 3" wide piece and cut it in half. Anyone that cooks salmon knows that fillets are uneven in height. The belly flap, which is the best part (fish fat wise), is the thin side so its hard to bake or grill evenly. I found that making the 'mignons' creates a 'steak' that is even all the way through (just like a beef mignon) so it cooks perfectly.

This is what I do to make the mignons.
I roll the fillet up, other small side in first or larger part first. Whatever gives me the tightest roll. I take cotton kitchen twine and using the surgeon's knot I tie the salmon tight because it will shrink and I don't want it to fall apart on the grill.

They are easier to grill this way and they look really cool too.

I make this simple marinade and grill sauce and it's one of the best ways to eat King Salmon.
Salmon Marinade and Glaze
1 tbls Colemans Dry Mustard
2 tbls Brown Sugar
1 tbls water
1 tbls Tamari
1 tsp Ground Ginger

Hot grill, 4 minutes on one side, turning a quarter of the way at the 2 minute mark. Flip and brush with the marinade. Grill 4 minutes on last side, repeating the quarter turn at 2 minutes.
You will have a perfectly grilled, or roasted, Salmon Steak every time.
Imagine that.

As we were eating outside the last of a storm front passed over us without a drop. They were calling for Tornado Watches all along the East Coast but as usual, here in Lake Hopatcong we have our own weather......LOL
We went from 80 degrees, hot, humid and miserable all weekend to 74 degrees, cool and beautiful. I am constantly amazed at how fast the weather can change...I believe the old timers say......on a turn of a dime.

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