Wish Upon A Dish: I FINALLY picked up my new Nikon

January 8, 2011

I FINALLY picked up my new Nikon

Ain't she a beauty?
And why is it automatically a "she"?
Maybe because a he is exasperating and something as smooth and beautiful with brains has to be a SHE...lol

I will tell you this......
Never order and pay for anything after Christmas and especially not after a 25" snowfall.

First, they will be out of it (from Christmas shoppers) and the warehouse will say 0.

Second, they won't tell you that. This did worked to my benefit. I got online and went searching for a better price, and found it at $100.00 less.

Third, they will not be happy about the refund. I think they stalled my delivery to get back at me.

When I nicely said..."Well, if you can't get me one, I will go to Best Buy and they will not only order one for me but have it shipped to my house for free", the salesman immediately started making calls to other locations and low & behold, found a camera.

I should not have to do this to get something they want to sell me in the first place.

Well, here I sit with this beautiful Nikon on my desk with all the manuals opened before me & I honestly am afraid to start the procedure.

You understand that after months of complaining I can not take decent pictures with my old Olympus and I NEED NEED NEED a new better functioning camera, I now have no excuse but to actually read the instructions.

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