Wish Upon A Dish: Plumber = New Washing Machine

March 18, 2011

Plumber = New Washing Machine

I am ready for a good day today. Since my new washing machine is up against my freezer till it gets hooked up, I can't get in to look for supper.

The temperature will be in the 70's today and then drop 20 degrees. We were hoping to grill this weekend but I can't see me trying to grill a pizza in 40 degree weather.

I can make dough and let it rise while the plumber is here. I have the leftover bolognese sauce and eggs in the fridge along with a package of fresh mozzarella....

PIZZA...oh yeah

but not just any pizza.......Pizza alla Bismark

Has to be the best pizza I have made to date. Even The Nudge agrees and he was a huge Margarita guy....until my Pizza alla Bismark.

I told you to make extra sauce.

Actually, any good pizza baked with a egg on top will do, but the meat in a bolognese just makes it that much better.

I am not a fan of tomato sauce on a pizza, I prefer sliced fresh tomatoes or oven roasted grape tomatoes so the bolognese is perfect.

Since I have leftover Guinness I will incorporate that into my dough. The bitter stout and the yeast in the beer makes the dough so smooth and soft. Perfect for grilling since a softer dough takes longer to grill allowing the cheese and egg to bake to perfection without burning the bottom.

Beer Pizza Dough
Makes 2 pizzas
* 3 cups AP flour
* 1-1 1/4 cups beer (105-115 degrees)
* 1 tsp salt
* 2 1/4 tsp yeast
* 1 tbls olive oil
* 1 tbls agave nectar or honey

Mix all ingredients in a stand mixer with a dough hook or a large food processor. In a measuring cup, add agave, water and yeast. Stir. Allow to bloom for 10 minutes.

Once the yeast mix foams, add to dry mix 1/4 cup at a time running on a medium speed (#4 on a Kitchen Aide). As the liquid incorporates add another 1/4 cup. Once the dough pulls away from the work bowl and it is clean, mix for another 4 minutes.
Remove to an oiled bowl, cover with plastic wrap and let rise 2 hours in a warm spot.
Punch the dough down and cut in half. Place one half back in bowl and cover again.
On a wooden board, rub olive oil on the board. With a rolling pin, roll out to a 1/4" width. The olive oil will help to stick the dough to the board so it does not spring back.

Remove to a large sheet pan and roll out the other half. Prepare the grill. Oil the grate and grill both crusts on one side only. Flip over and move back to sheet pan (cooked side up). Prepare 1 pizza on a pizza peel or a pan with cornmeal spinkled on it, in the middle of the grill, place the pizza and cover the grill. Bake until cheese is bubbly and eggs are set about 15-18 minutes. If the thermometer is high (like about 450) it will take less time. I would turn the pizza 1/4 turn halfway into the grilling process.

While that pizza is baking prepare the second one. You will want two pizzas.
The reason you want to halve the dough and not make one large pizza is because to grill using the indirect method does not give you enough of a space for a large pizza. The edges would burn way before the middle cooked. If you have a huge Weber or a huge propane grill your could make one large pizza, but I am talking about having a space at least 15" with no gas or coals under it. See why now?

Enjoy your Pizza alla Bismark a la me.

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