Wish Upon A Dish: Best Tortilla for Diabetics

May 5, 2011

Best Tortilla for Diabetics

Meet my new best food find of 2011. Everyone on a diet of some sort finds something that makes eating a pleasure once again. For me it is these tortillas from La Tortilla Factory.

Acclaimed the "One and Only Low Carb Tortilla" and among 125 “Best Foods For Women” these tortillas are perfect for those following a low carb diet, those seeking lower glycemic index foods (such as diabetics), and those simply seeking delicious ways to get more fiber in their diets. With 52% of the recommended daily value of fiber, these tortillas are also low calorie, cholesterol-free, and contain no saturated fats, trans fat or hydrogenated oils. Flavors are available in original whole wheat, large size whole wheat, garlic & herb and green onion.

Every morning I make a breakfast burrito using one of these tortillas. One tortilla has 48% of a recommended daily amount of fiber. That's HUGE.

I start by pouring 1/3 cup of egg beaters in a non-stick pan sprayed with PAM.
Once that sets, flip it over, salt & pepper and remove to the burrito.

Spread low sugar ketchup on the burrito, top with the egg, a slice of prosciutto and 1 oz of pepper jack. It's tasty and very healthy. If I get tired of it I will make a salad burrito instead.

Either way it's a win win.

For dinner tonight I am making quesadillas....sausage, pepper and onion ones. With this new tortilla a quesadilla is just as good as a sausage and pepper sandwich but with out all that bread, and us diabetics can do without white bread.

You have no idea how jazzed I am about these tortillas. I don't think I have ever hit the Daily Recommended Amount of fiber in my diet, EVER. Isn't that sad? Now with just 2 of these tortillas I will.

Since kids love wraps, they will be eating nutritious foods without knowing it....so wrap away peeps. Your family will be better for it.

I am using 1 hot Italian sausage, casing removed and sauteed. I thought about grilling the sausages and slicing them but I felt it would be way too heavy for a quesadilla, so I am removing the casings and frying them, then draining the fat away. I already roasted the poblanos and red peppers so all I have to do is slice them in mouth-sized pieces and grate some cheese.
I used 1 roasted poblano pepper and 1/2 roasted red pepper (the red was 2x the size).
1 small onion, French cut and caramelized.
1/2 package hot pepper jack cheese, grated.

Since these were the large-sized 2 whole ones would have been too much so I made 3 halves.

I placed a damp paper towel over them and a piece of foil so they do not dry out while I get the grill going.

These are going to be soooooo gooood. Really, who doesn't love a grilled, cheesy quesadilla. Now us Diabetics can enjoy them also.

* La Tortilla Factory has no idea who I am and I am not receiving anything to post this review.
I just happen to love them.

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