Wish Upon A Dish: Oven Dried Grape Tomatoes

August 19, 2011

Oven Dried Grape Tomatoes

Been dying to use my herb rub.

Since my grape tomato vine runneth over it was the perfect opportunity.

I put enough aside for tonight's salad and cut the rest in half tip to toe,
I placed a rack in my toaster oven over a bake pan, placed each half cut side up, drizzled olive oil over them, added a pinch of herb salt and cracked black pepper and into the oven at 225F they go for 2-3 hours.

I will store them in olive oil in the fridge and use the oil to make a dressing for the best Orzo, Spinach and Radicchio Salad you will ever eat.

Yes, just like the one they serve at the Macaroni Grill, only better. Theirs is too salty and is almost bland. I think they, like other restaurants are taking short-cuts and have eliminated ingredients.

Used to be my favorite part of the meal. They did away with it for a while, the patrons complained furiously and they brought it back, but it's not the same.

That's another post in a month or two, when the oil is sweet with the flavor of the tomatoes and the rub.


Now, back to my oven drying.

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