Wish Upon A Dish: Miso Pork Tenderloin

February 5, 2012

Miso Pork Tenderloin

Let's just say that easing into eating tofu has been at a stalemate for quite some time in this house.

I know it is good for you but both of us just aren't ready to make that leap.
What I have done to get soy in our diets is to use miso paste, in soups, sauces and marinades. I love that it lasts a long time in the fridge, so I can justify the expense.

I made a quick, flavorful marinade for two pork tenderloins and they spent the night soaking in all that goodness. I will roast them both off and store one for sliders later in the week (but that's another post).

If you can't make that jump to tofu and really know you should, try starting slow with a Miso paste. Make a soup or a broth for fish or you could just make this marinade. I guarantee it is the perfect hop before the skip and the jump.

Miso Marinaded Pork Tenderloins
makes enough for 8 pieces of meat or 2 pounds of seafood
* 1 cup sake (white wine is also good)
* 1 cup Ponzu
* 1/2 cup honey or Agave Syrup
* 2 cups miso paste
* 3 tablespoons grated fresh ginger
* 1 cup safflower or canola oil (not EVOO)

Mix in a container and store leftovers in the refrigerator.
Pour half the mixture into a large zip bag and place trimmed tenderloins in the bag.
marinade at least 3 hours, overnight is better.
Remove meat from marinade, dry with a paper towel, rub salt & pepper and oil all over and place in a roasting pan.
Roast in a preheated 375° for 25 minutes. Remove.
Let rest for 10 minutes and slice.

Review: This was the first time using this marinade on pork, it is usually used on chicken. I would say that it was perfect with either meat. The pork remained juicy and the flavor was off the hook. I did not need to salt or pepper the tenderloins, the marinade had everything needed. The Nudge said it was the best pork he's eaten yet. He also loved the chunky apple sauce (I forgot I bought this style) making this meal a complete and healthy one.

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Anonymous said...

ooh this looks heavenly. Since moving to Japan I have gained such a love of Miso anything! Although I wasn't originally much of a fan of pork living in Okinawa has certainly opened my eyes up to how wonderful it can be with Asian spices and flavors. This is on my must try list for sure!