Wish Upon A Dish: Extreme Budget, Day Twenty-Six - Soupreme Monday Lima Barley Soup with Corn

December 22, 2012

Extreme Budget, Day Twenty-Six - Soupreme Monday Lima Barley Soup with Corn

I first need to explain that the posts of my extreme budget meals are 3-4 days after we actually eat them so you will get our Soupreme Monday soup sometime around Thursday. I know you know everyone schedules a week in advance, I am just not as good as the others and I post frequently, so I am totally in a daily time warp around here.

My one resolution for next year is to organize my site, change over to WordPress and organize the meals so the post of Monday Soup is up on Monday, yay for me! Oops, that should be yay for you!

Turns out because The Nudge took this Monday off and he wanted steak I am making Monday Soup on Tuesday which means it may actually make the post on Monday.

Yipes, how confusing is all this? Now you know why I have no clue what day it is.

OK, back to business. Any of my regular readers has heard me sing the praises of using pureed white beans as the cream in many recipes and as the roux in most. I do prefer to soak dried beans and simmer them with herbs and aromatics until they are extremely tender, then puree them using the cooking liquid to get the consistency of mashed potatoes, in the fridge and ready to use. In a pinch a good canned white bean will work as well, they just won't have the flavor. If you have a crock pot, these can easily be done while you are away.

Last night I soaked a full bag of dried Lima beans, 1 cup will go into the soup, the rest will be made into a puree. I like the Lima's because they are more neutral in flavor, very creamy in texture and twice the size of the smaller ones. This is a good bean to introduce to the kids.

This soup is loaded with nutrients. So healthy and easy to make. Without the crostini, this soup is Vegan, Vegetarian, No fat, Low Cal, Low Sodium, Diabetic Super Friendly, Gluten-Free (there is gluten in barley but interestingly, its different gluten to that in wheat) and Inexpensive.
A win-win on every level. Yes, you could add some sausage or pasta but that changes the whole dynamic structure of the soup. Try it as is and see what you think. If you love pasta fagiole you will love this soup.

Succotash Barley Soup
makes 4-5 servings
* 1 quart water
* 1 cup dried Lima beans, soaked overnight
* 2 stalks celery, chopped
* 2 onions, chopped
* 1 clove garlic, chopped
* 2 carrots, chopped
* 2 whole cloves
* 1 tablespoon lemon juice
* 1 bay leaf
* 1 small can diced petite tomatoes, drained
* 1/2 cup dried barley
* 1 cup corn, frozen or canned
* Salt & pepper

1. Place the Lima's and the next 9 ingredients (up to barley) in a quart of water.
2. Simmer, covered for 3 hours.
Note: if using crock pot set to low for 6-8 hours.
3. Add corn, stir and adjust seasonings.

I made a few garlic rubbed crostini's to place at the bottom of each bowl and drizzled a good olive oil on top. This was very filling and perfect for a cold dreary night.

Check out this nutrition bombshell!!

Cost for this meal: $2.00
Total for 26 days: $ $93.00

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