Wish Upon A Dish: Pea Pesto with Homemade Raviolis

June 29, 2010

Pea Pesto with Homemade Raviolis

We went to our little local framers market this Saturday and I bought a few interesting items I have seen on TV but never tried. One was a romanesco broccoli (I have no idea what to do with it) and the other was an 8-ball zucchini (do I stuff it?).

I did get some fresh garlic, small new red potatoes, small red onions and English peas. I can't remember the last time I shucked a pea. I blanched and refrigerated them for pea raviolis or pea pesto with fresh pasta. Either way I have to make pasta dough today.

I have summer squash recipes to develop and test today and a goat cheese torta from Mario that I want to taste before I bring it to a picnic.

Looks like my processor will get a workout today.

Pea Pesto

* 1 cup fresh peas
* 1 cup parsley
* 1/2 cup mint & basil
* 2 tbls lemon juice
* 1 tbls capers, drained
* 1/3 cup EVOO
* 1/2 cup toasted chopped walnuts

Process everything in a blender till a paste.

I will be serving this with the raviolis so I am thinning it out with cream, capers, vegetable broth and EVOO if needed.
Cheese is optional but I am roasting sliced portabello mushrooms. What ever is not eaten I will put on my burger tomorrow night.

Tomorrow I have to make a mozzarella and ricotta dumpling dish, profiteroles, make hamburger buns for dinner, mignon my salmon steak for Thursday and stuff a zucchini....sigh.

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