Wish Upon A Dish: Potato, Leek, Ham and Bean Soup

December 21, 2010

Potato, Leek, Ham and Bean Soup

I never made a potato and leek soup. I do not think I ever ate a potato and leek soup.
The Nudge ordered it at O'Kennedy's near the Theatre District in NYC. A wonderful Irish Restaurant with a wait staff that comes from Ireland and are not yet tainted living in NY.

We went there twice and it was exactly as I remembered it. They have a person tucked away playing the piano and small trees in the corners lit with hundreds of white lights. It was magical, yet simple and uncluttered.

Ever since then I have thought about making a potato and leek soup. Last night was the night.The Nudge will eat any soup with onions in it and we know onions are good for cleaning your blood. I have to admit, it was creamy (without cream), healthy and very tasty....


not something I would probably make again. WOW, I never say that about my cooking but it wasn't the cooking part. I am usually a big fan of cream soups, especially pasta e fagiole (which also creams without cream). I probably would have liked this soup more if I had left it chunky, sort of like a stoup, with chunks of onions and potatoes and the ham and beans.....

I know, you say, potato and leek soup has to be pureed.....I don't like pureed potatoes. Something about the mouth feel.

That being said, if you love a pureed potato soup, then this is the one for you.

I started with a quart of chicken stock, two peeled potatoes, 2 leeks (washed and sliced in half moons), 2 cloves of garlic, 2 bay leaves, salt & pepper and a can of small white beans.

I sauteed the leeks in butter. In a stockpot I brought the chicken stock to a simmer and added the potatoes, which I diced. I added the leeks, salt & pepper, bay leaves, garlic cloves (whole) and a pinch of dried thyme.

I simmered until the potatoes where soft, removed the bay leaves and with my immersion blender, pureed everything.

I added a can of white beans and a 1/4 cup of orzo.

I diced 3 ham slices and sauteed them in EVOO. I will stir them in right before serving.

Meanwhile I fried my polenta croutons and I am ready for dinner.

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