Wish Upon A Dish: Top 20 Power Foods for Diabetes - #7 Fish (Salmon)

August 14, 2011

Top 20 Power Foods for Diabetes - #7 Fish (Salmon)


Seafood lovers rejoice! Fish is a great addition to your meal plan, especially omega-3-rich fatty fish, such as salmon, trout, tuna, sardines, mackerel, and herring. Omega-3s, a type of polyunsaturated fat, which is healthful, can help lower triglycerides. According to Healing Gourmet: Eat to Beat Diabetes (McGraw-Hill, 2006), omega-3s can also help reduce inflammation, lower blood pressure, and reduce the risk of blood clots.

Although fish is good for you and is considered a lean-meat substitute for its high protein, concerns have been raised about harmful mercury levels and other toxins found in some fish.

According to the American Heart Association, swordfish, shark, golden bass, golden snapper, and king mackerel have the highest mercury levels, measuring up to 0.99 parts per million for a 3-ounce serving. Fish lower in mercury for a 3-ounce serving include wild salmon (.01 ppm), herring (.04 ppm), catfish (.05 ppm), and canned light tuna (.12 ppm).

Try preparing fish on the grill, baked, broiled, or steamed. Using the Exchange system, one serving of fish is 1 ounce.

I make these mignons almost every time I make salmon. The Nudge loves it done this way and to get him to eat salmon I will make it any way he wants.

When I get home from the market, I prepare the mignons and either freeze them for later or grill them that night.

When fresh caught King Salmon comes to market, I grab the biggest steak I can find. I cut the bone out and the skin off and make two "mignons" out of it.

King Salmon steak usually runs about 1 pound so each mignon weighs 6 ounces after bones & skin are removed. A nice portion of the best salmon in the world.

I have this marinade, created one day, just for salmon. Salty, sweet, spicy and bitter.
It's perfect.

My Salmon Marinade

* 1 part soy sauce
* 1 part water
* 2 parts brown sugar
* 1 part mustard
* 1/2 part ground ginger

Mix all ingredients, pour over salmon, turn to coat every 30 minutes, grill.

This salmon was perfect. We could have shared one mignon, but we both ate a whole one. As far as I am concerned I am done ordering salmon in a restaurant, they can't get anywhere near as perfect as these were.

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