Wish Upon A Dish: Asparagus in a Blanket

April 18, 2012

Asparagus in a Blanket

Well, we've all had pigs in a blanket, why not asparagus?

Every person I know cleans out their refrigerator before leaving for vacation.
There are a few things that I love and hate about this chore.

#1 - You find all sorts of plastic containers filled with indiscernible stuff.
#2 - You find all sorts of plastic containers with leftovers you forgot you even had in there.
#3 - You find all sorts of plastic containers with foods you forgot you bought and now you know you aren't going crazy.
#4 - You still hate throwing good food away so you have to make something with them.
#5 - Sometimes the "somethings" you cook end up in the garbage anyways.

So, I have surmised (as I get older and wiser)....to just throw the containers away without even opening them, this way you won't know what was in them and can't miss what you don't have.

This dish was actually planned, last nights concoction, however eatable, was not worth posting about.

I thought I would share an easy appetizer that took minutes to prepare, you don't have to know how to cook to make them and they are an easy finger food to serve buffet-style.

I found a bag of 8 asparagus spears in my crisper drawer and a package of filo defrosting for a desert recipe. I thought with the last of my porcini mustard I would make a nice appetizer to eat out on the patio . These were really good, so good in fact that The Nudge asked to take the ones we didn't eat to work for lunch.

Very easy, four ingredients, one pan.

Remove the filo from its plastic package and cover with a damp towel. If you do not cover them they will dry out in 3 seconds flat.......trust me, I know.

Lay a filo sheet on your work surface and paint with olive oil. Sprinkle with grated cheese, salt & pepper.
Fold the filo in half, brush with more olive oil, cheese, salt & pepper.
Wrap each spear as you would a burrito or an egg roll, ending with a final brush of olive oil to seal the seam.
Place on a parchment lined sheet pan (seam side down) in a 375° for 12-13 minutes until golden brown.

I served them at room temperature and they sat on the table for more than one hour remaining crisp, flaky and crunchy. A great snack with a cold glass of Chardonnay. You don't need a fancy, schmancy honey mustard, just buy a good quality store bought one or simply make you own with equal parts of brown mustard and honey with a touch of cream.

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