Wish Upon A Dish: My New Favorite Kitchen Gadget

July 6, 2013

My New Favorite Kitchen Gadget

I hope everyone had a great Fourth!

I am not sure why I don't integrate good ideas in my life, even when I know they will make my life more organized or save me money.

With all this perpetual oppressive weather here in the northeast, buying a package of meat and making it home before it spoils is almost impossible. Should I dare mention ice cream? As nice as those freezer bags you can buy, try to help, they only work if you hightail your little butt home as soon as you complete the purchase, while trying to come up with a good story for when Mr. Trooper pulls you over.

Being a house of coolers (we have three, all different sizes), we always have one full of ice while we live outside in the summer.
On a typical Saturday we will shop at or visit:
Dry Cleaners
Pet Store
Post Office
Liquor Store
BJ's Warehouse
Farmer's Market
and finally......
Quik Check

My job is to plan our day, based on what I am buying, and it requires a degree in common sense. When The Nudge hits the ignition, the first thing he says is "OK, what's first?"

Used to be meat vs. frozen, pick one and make a second trip later in the week (not so efficient, huh?).
That was until I spotted this $3.00 life saver. Yes, a BIG duh moment!

Weighing almost nothing, I can fill it and still haul it up the stairs into my kitchen, it fits behind the passenger seat (out of the sun if you park correctly) and keeps one bag of ice, still frozen, overnight. Enough time for me to process (rubs, marinades, portion for freezing, etc) my perishables and when you have bought 2 weeks worth of meat at the butcher, seafood at the market and freezer items, it makes my Saturday less stressful and easier to buy what I want, not what I can't.

The Nudge said it's the best idea I have had in a long time. He got an extra scoop of ice cream for that.

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