Wish Upon A Dish: Whipped Feta & Avocado Mayo ♥ A great way to use up guacamole

April 4, 2014

Whipped Feta & Avocado Mayo ♥ A great way to use up guacamole

It's that time of the week, when I check my fridge and pantry to see what needs to be replenished and I noticed a container of feta. I do have an orzo salad on the menu that includes feta cheese but there is more than enough for both recipes.

Yesterday, due to massive cabin fever, I ran to the Big Box hardware store and bought a bag of lump charcoal, wood chips and a new chimney. We finally can get to the grill and I was going to grill lamb chops even if the 50 mile per hour winds tried to blow me away. The wind took the fire to all time highs but they came out perfect, btw.

Now that the grill is all stocked and broken in after a long sleep in the frozen tundra of New Jersey and seems to have come out with all the parts intact, I am adding more grilled meals to the menu.
Yay for me!! I really do love to grill. Yes, I love it more in the summer but I will take any reason to spend time outdoors lately and our budget (and The Nudge) forbids me to buy more clothes.

While The Nudge is a one slice tomato on a hamburger kinda guy, I love all kinds of condiments, which, got me thinking about a whipped feta I saw on Barefoot Contessa and a container of guacamole in the freezer. The combo of the two would make a very interesting topping for a burger and much healthier than sliced cheese or mayo.

Didn't know you could whip feta? It whips light and creamy and by adding a touch of olive oil, it becomes smooth and the oil gives it a richness. By adding guacamole you can eliminate the olive oil and the fat content goes bye-bye but the richness stays.

I had roasted garlic so that went in, and a squeeze of honey to offset the tart of the feta.

Whipped Feta & Avocado Mayo
Makes: 1 cup

* 4 ounces fat-free feta cheese
* 1 tablespoon honey
* 1/4 teaspoon pepper
* 2 ounces guacamole
* 6 cloves roasted garlic

1. Puree until smooth.

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