Wish Upon A Dish: Cuban Turkey Meatloaf

October 23, 2014

Cuban Turkey Meatloaf

This day started in the wrong direction and just kept going. The Nudge drove three miles out of town and just as he hit the entrance ramp to Interstate Route 80, he got a flat.
He called to tell me he was going to change the tire and would I meet him back in town at the tire place?. Now, mind you, he drives a mid-sized SUV and on a highway that if you go slower than 80, they will run you over, I was sure I would not allow him to attempt at doing something he hasn't done in twenty years.

So, there I am screaming at him to call AAA because, excuse me, isn't that why we pay them money? to do road assistance? Trust me, I would have strangled him if I was in that car.

Finally, common sense prevailed and he pulled in our driveway thirty minutes later, tire changed. I am sure my husband would never admit he was happy to see the the young stud that showed up, but to me he confided in the fact that he feared for his life as huge 18 wheelers blew by him. Great way to start the day, huh?

Luckily the piece of metal that speared his tire wasn't so big that a plug wouldn't work, and a mere $25 later, he was back on the road again. That sucker was in there!!

I thought that I would make a favorite for dinner tonight but I refused to go full blown winter meatloaf when the thermometer was still cracking 70° here in the NE.
That didn't mean I couldn't create a lighter version using lean turkey.
What could be better than a turkey meatloaf and a side salad of late harvested deck tomatoes, cucumbers and blue cheese? I think he'll like it.

I don't make much meatloaf with turkey and was trying to think of a way to put a spin on this one.
I ran the contents of my pantry through my mind and I remembered a can of Deviled Ham I bought for a cheese ball I wanted to try and as soon I thought about mixing that in with the turkey mixture, when my mind went to a famous sandwich we both are fond of, you know it as a Cubano.
When I travel to South Jersey I make sure I have deli meats in the fridge if The Nudge doesn't want leftovers, he won't mind a sandwich for dinner. With enough ham & Swiss to make a Cordon Bleu meatloaf, I had dinner planned.

I made my usual meatloaf mix, but with lean ground white turkey and on a large moistened wooden board I covered the surface with plastic wrap (the water acts like glue). Evenly press the meat mixture with your fingers until it is the width of a standard loaf, then lay the ham then the Swiss evenly over the meat, to a 1/2" of the edge.

Using the wrap as you would for a Sushi roll, tucking in the deli as you go, roll the meat to the end and place the roll in a baking pan. Remove the plastic and allow the meat to come to room temperature. Meanwhile, preheat the oven to 350 ° and set a pot of salted water to a boil.

While the water was boiling, I started the mustard sauce.

You will need:
Belgium Ale
Dijon and Spicy Brown Mustard
Salt & Pepper

1 cup ale, minced shallots added; reduce to 2 tablespoons.
Add 1 tablespoon of each mustard, whisk in 1 tablespoon honey and 1 cup cream.
Reduce by half and season with salt & pepper to taste.
I add a drop of cognac to up the background taste but that is optional.

With my meatloaf I cooked a pot of yolk less noodles and some peas.
Hint: Peas float so cook them in the noodle water first, fish them out and then cook your noodles. Any nutrients that leach from the peas will be absorbed into the noodles.

I roasted the loaf for 45 minutes because it was skinny and longer than usual. On a thermometer it should read an internal temp of 165°. Tent the meat for 10 minutes, while you chop the herbs for the noodles.
Dinner is served. 

This was full of flavor and better than I thought it would be. You may be tempted to add more ham and cheese but trust me, one layer was more than enough. You should make the sauce,  it took this loaf over the top.

I can't wait to make a meatloaf sandwich with my new favorite.

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