Wish Upon A Dish: Margherita Frittata ♥ #Sponsored Toufayan Recipe ReDux Challenge

March 12, 2017

Margherita Frittata ♥ #Sponsored Toufayan Recipe ReDux Challenge

"I received free samples of Toufayan Pita mentioned in this post. By posting this recipe I am entering a recipe contest sponsored by Toufayan Bakeries and am eligible to win prizes associated with the contest. I was not compensated for my time."

I did not grow up eating pita. Growing up there was no pita bread. My Mom was a nutritionist and growing up there was the usual oatmeal or eggs for breakfast, prepared sandwiches to take to school and a well balanced meal for dinner. The one thing that was always on the dinner table was an Italian salad.
Every dinner, every night.

What does a salad have to do with pita bread?
My first exposure to pita was on the job. When you live paycheck to paycheck, you bring your lunch from home but when you can't you buy the only thing you can afford, a basic ice burg/tomato/cucumber salad. Back then that salad came with a free packet of salad dressing and a piece of bread.
One day I spotted a pita in with the breads and before they could realized the mistake, made my salad and stuffed it into the pita. It was an instant hit. Filling, big enough for a substantial amount of salad, light and most of all, affordable.

I think I ate that lunch for the next 4 years.

When this challenge was presented to the Recipe ReDuxers, I loved the idea of creating another healthy dish using pita but a pita recipe for today's advanced palate.

Toufayan Bakeries is a family-owned bakery and get this, they are right here in my home state of New Jersey!
I love that.
They offer a full range of flavored cholesterol free and trans fat free pita breads and chips, bagels, croissants, wraps, flat breads and rolls.

Nowadays, meals often have to be portable, eaten on the go whether at work or at school.
Of course they should be nutritious, affordable and satisfying but updated to fit with the adventurous palates of today.

Tough assignment so I decided to stick close to what I know and am comfortable with, so that means something of Italian origin.
I would make a one dish wonder....a frittata.
Frittata's are quick and easy. All you really need to know is how to beat an egg.

While I could have used the pita as a container for the eggs, I wanted a dish that would fit right at home on a holiday brunch table.

Baked eggs = frittata.
Baked eggs with bread = strata.

Tomatoes, ricotta, herbs = in the Margherita style

From start to finish, 30 minutes. While I used my 8" cast iron skillet (made for two), the recipe was created to serve 4 using a 10" skillet, cast iron or non-stick as long the non-stick is acceptable up to 450°.  Can be successfully doubled to serve 8.

If you are serving a crowd, it can be assembled in a casserole, ahead of time, covered and refrigerated the night before. It should be brought to room temperature then baked for 30 minutes before serving.
Portion off for lunches, microwave 1 1/2 -2 minutes.

Margherita Frittata
makes 4 servings

* 2 tablespoon olive oil
* 6 cloves of garlic, minced
* 1 pita bread (I recommend the sweet onion), cut into 1/2" cubes
* 2 tablespoons tomato ketchup
* 2 teaspoons Italian seasonings
* 6 eggs, beaten
* 1/3 cup Greek-style plain yogurt
* 1/3 cup rated Parmesan cheese
* 1 teaspoon kosher salt
* 1/2 teaspoon black pepper
* 2 teaspoons prepared basil pesto
* 1 tablespoon shopped fresh parsley
* 1 teaspoon fresh tarragon, chopped

* 1/3 cup ricotta cheese

Preheat the oven to 450°.

1. In an ovenproof 10" non-stick skillet, heat the olive oil over medium heat. Add the garlic and saute until you can smell it. Do not brown.
2. While the garlic is cooking, mix the Italian seasonings, the ketchup and the cubed pita in a large bowl. Pour onto a baking pan and toast for 5 minutes. Remove to cool.
3. In the same bowl as you mixed the pita cubes, whisk the eggs with the yogurt until there are no white specks. To the eggs, add the Parmesan cheese, salt, black pepper, pesto, parsley and the tarragon.
4. Pour the egg mixture into the skillet with the garlic and sprinkle the toasted pita evenly over the eggs. Cook on the stove for 2 minutes, or until you see the edges start to set.
5. Remove the skillet from the heat and using a spoon, place six dollops of ricotta evenly spaced and not touching into the egg mixture. Place the skillet into the oven and bake for 12-14 minutes. The eggs should shimmy slightly but not firm. It will continue to cook off heat.
6. Portion and serve.


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