Wish Upon A Dish: Another batch of perfect BBQ Smoked Chicken Wings

June 22, 2011

Another batch of perfect BBQ Smoked Chicken Wings

Yesterday I made another batch of our newest addition to our Top 10 recipes for 2011.

If you are tired of all the standard grilling recipes for chicken wings, you have got to try these. If you want to practice your skills at slow smoked BBQ on your grill, this is the perfect place to start.

They are inexpensive, pretty forgiving and the right size for a quick slow smoke.

After mastering these (and you will after 2 tries) you can graduate to a brisket, a pork shoulder and even the all difficult BBQ ribs. The world of BBQ is now yours. Plan an authentic BBQ party and surprise your guests.

First you need a dry rub. You could mix your own, but why would you? A bottle of Emeril's Essence is all you need, well, that and brown sugar (I use a brown sugar sub).

Equal parts 1:1. Rub it all over the chicken wings and let it sit over night or at least 3 hours. I do mine in the morning. Wrap them tightly in either a sheet of foil or plop them in a large zip bag. The end result looks more like a wet marinade but that is just the sugar liquifying.

Since I allow no plastic near my grill (I have had a gust of wind blow it onto the grill and melted on the grate and the food, yuck). Place them in a bowl or a platter and bring to the grill. Save the remaining rub to make the mop.

Set the grill for indirect grilling and place a foil drip pan in the bottom of the grill over where you will be placing the chicken. Soak your wood chips in water while you light the coals, they will be both done at the same time. After you place the wings on the grate, add a good handful of applewood chips right onto the hot coals. You will start to smell the smoke. Close the lid and set the vents (top & bottom) to maintain a temperature of 275F.

Now for the mop. To the remaining rub, add a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and water. To that add a few drops of vegetable oil and stir to combine. Pour into a bowl big enough to hold your basting brush without tipping over. Bring that to the grill along with the chicken.

Every 30 minutes, open the cover, check the coals, add more if need be, add another handful of wood chips and baste your chicken with the mob.

After 1 hour, flip the wings over and repeat the mopping. After 2 hours they are done. Let them rest on your serving platter and set out blue cheese dressing, ranch dressing and a nice ginger and terriyaki salad dressing (I love Litehouse dressings, they also make wonderful dips).

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