Wish Upon A Dish: Key West's Historic Seaport Bars

June 10, 2011

Key West's Historic Seaport Bars

The first place we headed for once we got our bearings, was the wharf.

There is the original, oldest part of the seaport and then the newer one, probably built in the 1980's when they were trying to attract tourists down there because businesses were hurting. Rumor has it that Jimmy Buffet went there in the 80's to fish and work on songs, loved it so much he changed his artistic direction and wrote a bunch of songs about Key West, and that's when people started going there.

This is the oldest bar on the wharf. There is someone playing and singing all day and, as the Trolley Driver likes to say, "This place has a very good Happy Hour. Starts and 9AM."

There aren't too many of these original bars left in Key West but they are the best. Loaded with regulars, waitress that are older then us and just know how to make you feel welcome, and cheap food & drink.

This is the first bar that you hit when you start at the beginning of the seaport. They built a deck that runs from one end to the other, so you don't ever have to leave the wharf. What a novel idea.

This is the center of the seaport and a meeting place for almost everyone.
Called the Conch Republic it is packed all day & night. Since most of the hotel shuttles, trolley and trains all stop here, it is a great place to stop to cool off and have a drink.
I wanted to eat our first dinner on the wharf here. They have a great fried conch & calamari platter.

Open on all four sides, there is a constant stream of people that walk the deck so the people watching is great here. We got the best corner table in the joint.

Right outside to my left is where you can buy tickets to the Jolly Rover which is the rip-off of the very successful Jolly Roger fleet that travels all over the Caribbean and spends a few weeks in every port.

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