Wish Upon A Dish: Greek Couscous ♥ The Perfect Side Dish

June 1, 2011

Greek Couscous ♥ The Perfect Side Dish

This dish is easy to make, tastes great, is extremely healthy, inexpensive and goes with any meat, seafood and yes, just on it's own.

During the summer we all have tomatoes that are about to hit that point of no return and we all hate to throw good food away.

If you even just saute the tomatoes in EVOO and garlic you can buy another week in the fridge until you add it to something else.

I made a Israeli CousCous dish that simply has grape tomatoes (or cherry), olive oil, sliced garlic, fresh oregano, fresh basil, salt & pepper and water plus the pasta of your choice.

You could use Orzo or Ance di Pepe, Israeli CousCous or small shells.

Since I always have fresh mozzarella in my fridge I diced up a half a small ball and added it just before I ate it so that it melted slightly.

No recipe needed just 2parts liquid to 1 part pasta added to the sauteed tomatoes and simmer for 8 minutes.

One pot side or salad in the heat of summer is a very good thing.


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